CodeAthon & Build Day
CodeAthon 2022 event flyer
CodeAthon & Build Day
Event date: April 22, 2022

Event type: Webinar

In this two-day virtual interactive session, your instructor will respond to live and submitted questions, while discussing common challenges encountered in various programming languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, etc.

The second day will wrap up with a build session. Registered participants will be tasked with completing a Design Project using their devices.

The winner and runner-up at the build will be awarded tuition and continuing education cash prizes.

Save the date: April 22nd and 23rd, 2022 – Time: 1pm – 3pm WAT.

Host: Anthony Ikeata

About the host: Anthony has spent over 10 years as a Software Developer and Educator. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and a teaching certificate from University of Nottingham. He has instructed and nurtured developers from beginner to advanced levels, using kid-friendly applications such as Scratch, MineCraft, Bee-bots, and even IDE’s to teach Web authoring and design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), as well as Python.

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See you at the webinar. 🚀