TekSeries, a New York based N.G.O, was founded to contribute to preparing the next group of future ready workers and innovators, amongst underserved segments of Nigeria’s teeming youth population.

The goal is to contribute to addressing perennial challenges of youth unemployment, re-skilling and expansion of access to jobs and entrepreneurial opportunity in myriad sectorsof the local economy.

Our core belief is that technology is largely a force for good and should where necessary, be deployed to disrupt business as usual. Our charge to the young people we encounter, is to gain and maintain in demand skills for a well paid career, but to also utilize said skills to create value adding entities, that redress societal and economic inefficiencies around them.


We have set out to achieve these goals by forming core industry partnerships and adopting a multi-pronged targeted approach to services. This includes free digital skills workshops for various ages and skill levels; Incubator program sponsorhips; Annual Solution Prizes and StartUp funding for viable products or services

“Little by Little, a Little becomes a lot”

– Tanzanian Proverb

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Our services are modelled on live interactive, workshops, boot camps and webinars, with select local and foreign technology experts and enthusiasts. This includes free introductory workshops to basic digital skills in functional device use and internet communication; entry level coding for the elementary to secondary school segment, using junior building blocks.

Intermediate digital skills for Undergrads, Graduates and Workers on in demand coding series, Web design & Developement, Mobile Application Design and Tools for Teachers.

 Upskilling Workshops for Developers, Workers and Practitioners in continuing education programs, Certification and Ideation.


We have established a program to sponsor promising, but underserved founders to some of
the top business accelerator programs in the world. In addition, TekSeries also organizes an
annual Solution Prize, which rewards the best Solution Innovation of the year, voted for on
crowd sourced basis. This Prize is sponsored by a rotation of notable local and foreign
corporations on an annual basis.

To round out our process, is our Micro to Pre-Seed early stage investments in strictly impactful and viable solutions. Recognizing the ever present funding challenge for startups, we invest or syndicate funding early on, to help kick start what we believe can evolve into a mass appeal enterprise.


Chijioke Metu


Metu has spent over twenty years, counselling and litigating on behalf of businesses and individual consumers.  With graduate studies in Corporate, Commercial, Intellectual Property Law and a StartUp Executive Education, he has garnered extensive knowledge advising clients on varied aspects of transactional, idea protection and related matters.

Rushabh Shah

Tech Adviser
A Senior Software Engineer with COMCAST USA and RKS IT Services, Rushabh is a gifted developer and has participated in TekSeries workshops. He is well versed with all aspects of the software development life cycle. He has diverse skill sets in Ideate – Design – Code – QA – Performance – Deploy – Scale – Support – Iterate, Java (Desktop and Web) , Javascript, Android, node, React, Unix tools, Quality Assurance, Performance Testing, amongst others.

Foster Metu

Country Manager
A veteran Network Engineer with Brookhouse, Shell and Computer People in the UK, Foster oversees TekSeries operations in Nigeria. He also serves as the CIO of Scalable Networks Nigeria Ltd, servicing projects in Server redeployment, backup and Exchange server migration. This in addition to production of detailed LAN/WAN migration plans, optimal use of network technology, LAN setup and configuration.

Placid Aguwa

non-executive director
An experienced transactional attorney, Placid has spent several decades advsing consumers, corporations and government agencies in Nigeria.