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TekSeries™, a New York based non-governmental organization, was founded to mine and share practical information and technology solutions, to solve some of the most pressing socio-economic challenges in Nigeria, while also equipping our youth, with job skills of the future.

The massive increase in internet penetration, continues to create opportunities for citizen action, using technology to improve conditions and livelihoods across Africa as a whole.


Our services are modelled on live interactive workshops and boot camps, with select local and foreign technology experts and enthusiasts, helping equip our teeming young population with in demand technology skills needed now and in the future.

TekSeries Solution Prize™

TekSeries will continue to contribute to the enhancement of indigenous young talent, working on result driven solutions. These in turn must lead to scalable services and applications, that make measurable improvement to people’s long term social, employment and economic well being.

In this regard, we have established a Solution Prize for 2019. This monetary award will be made to the best innovation presented to our team. The idea must successfully solve an “every day” challenge in our part of the world.

The above statistic shows the number of internet users in selected African countries as of March 2019.  As of that month, Nigeria had 111.6 million internet users. Second-ranked Egypt had 49.23 million users. As of March 2019, the majority of web traffic in leading digital markets in Africa originated from mobile devices. In Nigeria, one of the countries with the biggest number of internet users worldwide, 74 percent of web traffic was generated via smartphones and only 24 percent via PC devices. This is connected to the fact that mobile connections are much cheaper and do not require the infrastructure that is needed for traditional desktop PCs with fixed-line internet connections.


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For our inaugural workshop in 2016, we partnered with Scalable Networks Nig. Ltd., with presentations from Waverley Software and TemsCorp .  Attendees included students from the Federal University of Technology, Imo State University and CenterPoint Networks, to name a few…

TekSeries 1.0


Chijioke Metu


An attorney by profession, Mr. Metu has spent over twenty years, counselling and litigating on behalf of businesses and individual consumers alike. With a post graduate background in Corporate and Intellectual Property law, he has extensive knowledge advising clients on creative and idea protection. TekSeries was conceived, to contribute to fulfilling Nigeria’s dire need to equip it’s teeming youth, with in demand technology skill sets, required for the jobs of the future.

Rushabh Shah

Tech Adviser

A Senior Software Engineer with COMCAST USA and RKS IT Services, Rushabh is a gifted developer and has participated in TekSeries workshops. He is well versed with all aspects of the software development life cycle. He has diverse skill sets in Ideate – Design – Code – QA – Performance – Deploy – Scale – Support – Iterate, Java (Desktop and Web) , Javascript, Android, node, React, Unix tools, Quality Assurance, Performance Testing, amongst others.

Foster Metu

Country Manager

A veteran Network Engineer with Brookhouse, Shell and Computer People in the UK, Foster oversees TekSeries operations in Nigeria. He also serves as the CIO of Scalable Networks Nigeria Ltd, servicing projects in Server redeployment, backup and Exchange server migration. This in addition to production of detailed LAN/WAN migration plans, optimal use of network technology, LAN setup and configuration.

Placid Aguwa

non-executive director

An experienced transactional attorney, Placid has spent several decades advsing consumers, corporations and government agencies in Nigeria.


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Want to join our workshop?

TekSeries would love to have you join our workshops to share your ideas with like-minded individuals. We encourage all students and techies to reach out and engage with us !


TekSeries                                                      89-44 162nd Street,                            Queens, NY 11432

+347 829-5399


Monday – Friday:    9:00 am – 1:00 pm, Saturday: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, Sunday: Closed